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How PAFX-Algo Copy Trading Works?

It's as easy as...

Open your Trading Account.

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Deposit funds to your account

PAFX Algo starts trading within 24 hours after activation

Sit back and relax while PAFX-Algo makes money for you 24/7

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Passive Income From Forex

With PAFX Algo Copy Trading, you will have the luxury to invest and forget. You do not have to do a shred of work, the algo will make money for you 24/7

More than 1260+ Clients Enjoying 15-40% Growth Per Month with PAFX Algo Copy Trading

$2,000 $1,000 $500
January 16 % $320 $160 $80
February 17 % $340 $170 $85
March 23 % $460 $230 $115
April 16 % $320 $160 $80
May 27 % $540 $270 $135
June 16 % $320 $160 $80
July 28 % $560 $280 $140
$2,000 $1,000 $500
January +27 % $540 $270 $135
February -3 % -$60 -$30 -$15
March 41 % $820 $410 $205
April 24 % $480 $240 $120
May 9 % $180 $90 $45
June 17 % $340 $170 $85
July 16 % $320 $160 $80
August 36 % $720 $360 $180
September 17 % $340 $170 $85
October 14 % $280 $140 $70
November -4.50 % -$90 -$45 -$23
December 43 % $860 $430 $215
$2,000 $1,000 $500
March +22 % $440 $220 $110
April +18 % $360 $180 $90
May -5 % -$100 -$50 -$25
June +28 % $560 $280 $140
July +33 % $660 $330 $165
August +14 % $280 $140 $70
September +19 % $380 $190 $95
October -2 % -$40 -$20 -$10
November +33 % $660 $330 $165
December 15 % $300 $150 $75
TOTAL PROFIT 554.50% $13090 $6545 $3273
AVG. PER MONTH 19.12% $436 $218 $109

Maximum Profit

Depending on your risk choices, you will make anywhere from 15-40% with PAFX-Algo every single month for literally doing nothing.

Monthly 31% Profit following Moderate Risk

Monthly 29% Profit following Moderate Risk

Monthly 29% Profit following Moderate Risk


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If you've ever Thought... "What should I buy?" Or "What should I sell?"


Then you should use PAFX-Algo copy trading".

See What You Can Have From Today Using PAFX Algo Copy Trading

Are You Tired Of... "Staring at charts all day looking for a tradeable pattern?" Or "Suffering from sleepless nights to close running trades?"

business overwork

Do Not Think Twice, Just Join And See The Results By Yourself, Like 1260+ Clients.

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Asset 20@2x 8
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Asset 19@2x 8
Asset 20@2x 8
Asset 21@2x 8
Asset 19@2x 8

1260+ Clients Are Profiting Every Single Day in Their Real Accounts Just Like These..


I have been following PAFX for about 7 months. And a month ago I got a request from them to try out their new Algo copier as a test. Obviously I was really impressed with their signal service, so I wanted to try this bot idea immediately. And you know what, result delivered. I have made $320 profit over a $500 account and the best thing was zero effort on my part. Pretty awesome

-- Oliver

" It’s almost like passive income "

" My account grew to 30% this week "

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I joined price action ltd around July previously year. Around 7 months I am their member. I am using algo membership plan. What I can say, that trades are very careful posted at my account, all time they keep control of risk and maximize their profit. Awesome provider!
Just keep like this
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I start with $1000 from 7th January. Now and month I am at $1370 account trading balance. Awesome!
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Great support. Webchat working 24/7, via email I am getting almost instantly reply. Signals are around 80% accurated. December was much better month then Novemeber, only in last trading week in December I got 10 signals all of them was winning. I hope that in next year they will continue only in this manner.
Very good
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I am using trade copier due to my daily job I do not have time to trade for myself.I have start to use algo plan with $500 account trading balance. Now I have $1035 account trading balance. Within 6 months they have double my balance.Support is great, same day reply to every my email.
Best Algo service
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I am using algo membership plan. First month I have made $557 profit from $800 account trading balance. It is almost 40% return. Awesome!
JackobGreat provider
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algo plan is great for small traders like I am. When I saw that price action ltd put down prices because Xmas promotion I decide to take it. I give them my account with $200 and put them in work. In December I have $275 profit. Great. I hope that they locked my discounted price.
UagandaRecommend to everyone
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Just awesome. Joining algo service was the best decision for me. My account has grown rapidly. And the customer is awesome.
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I guess that this year is about to end. I have join to PAFX last year with algo membership plan. I have to say that I am more than satisfied. Great year behind us with if I am not wrong more than 350% profit for this year.
Michael R. Carlos
Michael R. CarlosBeginner
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I have enter in FOREX for first time. I have buy algo plan, give to PAFX demo account and in 15 days after using them (trade copier) I am in profit. Too bad because it is demo account, but let see how it will go next few months before I put real money, so far really promossing.
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I'm constantly making profit every day with the algo service. So glad i joined it. My stress is so much less now.

Manual Supervision

Algo works best when combined with manual supervision. At PAFX Algo Copy Trading, a team of master traders, monitor trade on ALGO accounts 24/7


You will get a 15%-40% monthly account growth opportunity with zero effort.

We accept all brokers with small spread. So you can start with your existing one if it offers minimum spread. But we strongly recommend the one below for zero spread and we have great experience with this broker.

Yes! Only MT4 accounts can be linked with this Algo copy trading system. You just need to give your MT4 login ID and password when you subscribe to us.
And the rest of the setup will be done by our side.

No you do not need any VPS or PC connection to keep following your trades. You will be able to keep eyes on trades any time from your mobile or PC.

Yes, you can keep track of everything anytime you want. You can access your account from your phone or your PC.

By giving us your MT4 login details, you are only giving us the right to link your account with Algo Copy Trader. Rest of the authority will remain to you completely. We highly recommend you withdraw profit on every last day of the week.This will help the trading account to be run according to proper risk management. You can withdraw any amount by keeping your initial balance. If you want to withdraw more than the profit amount, you must inform our support team.

Yes! To get membership plans details please click on the below link.
Link: Click Here

We prefer card payment. We also offer other payment options including Skrill/Neteller/PayPal/BTC.

And for any kind of help or support regarding payments contact us at @PAFX_ADMIN in Telegram or email us at [email protected].

Minimum Account Balance needed is 500$. But we strongly recommend the customers to deposit a larger amount. The more the balance, the more the profit.

Yes, there is! For Signals, you have to place the order manually in your trading platform after getting a signal and need to keep following the trade updates given by our experts.For Algo Copy Trading, You literally have to do NOTHING. Everything will be done by the algorithm under our supervision. It is passive income at its best.

You can contact us any time of the day. We will get back to you in the shortest period of time. We are always there to help. We are renowned in the industry for our customer service.To get in touch you can give us a knock @PAFX_ADMIN in Telegram or email us at [email protected].

According to our results on real accounts, Max drawdown 15%-30% based on your preferred risk management. As smaller accounts have lesser room even with minimum risk setups. We encourage clients to start with at least $1000 to be completely stress free.

We do everything in our power to ensure that you win trades

The question is, ARE YOU NEXT to make it happen?

There’s nothing else like this on the market right now.

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