PAFX Algorithm Copy Trading

* Our very own unique Trading Strategy represented as an algorithm
* Constantly monitored by our expert traders
* 15%-40% Proven Returns (Verified Myfxbook Links)
* Multiple Broker Choices

Why Algorithm Copy Trading?

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  • 89% Accuracy (Proven)
  • 15%-40% Monthly Growth of Account
  • Monthly passive income with no effort
  • Under constant supervision of expert traders
  • No profit sharing. Investor keeps all the profit
  • No prior trading experience needed for the investor
  • No human errors, the algorithm doesn’t make mistakes

How It Works?


Join algo trading

Join Algo trading and Skyrocket your profit with out any effort.


Share MT4 Details

Share Your MT4 Details and The Algo will be setup within 12 Hours in Your Account.


Enjoy Profit

Just relax and enjoy profit. Under our supervision, the algo will work for you.

PAFX Algo MyFXBook #1

PAFX Algo MyFXBook #2


Clients Profits

Clients Reviews

I have been following PriceAction for about 7 months. And a month ago I got a request from them to try out their new Algo copier as a test. Obviously I was really impressed with their signal service, so I wanted to try this bot idea immediately. And you know what, result delivered. I have made $320 profit over a $500 account and the best thing was zero effort on my part. Pretty awesome

-- Oliver

Why choose us?

Quick and Easy

Connect your MT4 and start copy trade in under 12 hours.

Worldwide Brokers

Investors can copy trade crossover hundred of Brokers.

Fully Hosted MT4

Your account is always online 24/5 in our VPS with max secure.

Mobile Compatibility

Watch your account growth everyday from any device.

Passive Income

You don't need to do a shred of work and you will be paid for doing nothing.

Fantastic Support

Get 24/7 Live Chat and Email Support with our specialist.

Algo Trading Plan


  • Automatic Trade Execution
  • No PC Required
  • Win Rate More Than 89%
  • 15%-40% Monthly Return
  • Maximum Profit with ZERO Effort
  • Max drawdown 15%-30% based on your preferred risk management
  • Min required Balance $300 $500
  • 265 SSL SECURE
  • 265 SSL SECURE


You will get a 15%-40% monthly account growth opportunity with zero effort.

We accept all brokers with small spread. So you can start with your existing one if it offers minimum spread. But we strongly recommend the one below for zero spread and we have great experience with this broker.
Link: http://icmarkets.com/?camp=29023

Yes! Only MT4 accounts can be linked with this Algo copy trading system. You just need to give your MT4 login ID and password when you subscribe to us.
And the rest of the setup will be done by our side.

No you do not need any VPS or PC connection to keep following your trades. You will be able to keep eyes on trades any time from your mobile or PC.

Yes, you can keep track of everything anytime you want. You can access your account from your phone or your PC.

By giving us your MT4 login details, you are only giving us the right to link your account with Algo Copy Trader. Rest of the authority will remain to you completely.

So, you can withdraw anytime you want just like a regular account. We strongly recommend to keep as much profit in the account as you can. It will give the small accounts more breathing room and help you to maximize your profit in coming months overall.

Yes! To get membership plans details please click on the below link.
Link: Click Here

We prefer card payment. We also offer other payment options including Skrill/Neteller/PayPal/BTC.

And for any kind of help or support regarding payments contact us at @PAFX_ADMIN in Telegram or email us at [email protected].

Minimum Account Balance needed is 500$. But we strongly recommend the customers to deposit a larger amount. The more the balance, the more the profit.

Yes, there is! For Signals, you have to place the order manually in your trading platform after getting a signal and need to keep following the trade updates given by our experts.For Algo Copy Trading, You literally have to do NOTHING. Everything will be done by the algorithm under our supervision. It is passive income at its best.

You can contact us any time of the day. We will get back to you in the shortest period of time. We are always there to help. We are renowned in the industry for our customer service.To get in touch you can give us a knock @PAFX_ADMIN in Telegram or email us at [email protected].

According to our results on real accounts, Max drawdown 15%-30% based on your preferred risk management. As smaller accounts have lesser room even with minimum risk setups. We encourage clients to start with at least $1000 to be completely stress free.

Join PAFX Algo Trading channel on Telegram to stay updated on latest news & deals!

We do everything in our power to ensure that you win trades

That’s our promise, and guarantee.

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