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What is Forex Signal

Forex signals are popular financial tools that can assist you in trading forex pairs. 

Forex signal is an indication or trading idea of when to trade a specific financial asset. No matter your level of trading skill and experience, forex signals can help you enhance your trading journey.

How to Identify A Quality Forex Signal?

Quality should always come before quantity with regard to your forex signals. A professional signal provider will:

  • Notify when to enter the market
  • Give Detailed information on the Stop Loss & Take Profits
  • Provide detailed analysis of trades
  • Educate how to minimize losses
  • Share trading tips

The best way to find a suitable forex signal provider is to test their free signals on a Demo account.

Free Forex signals

Free Forex signals allow a trader to get advanced market indications. It subsequently helps traders to invest wisely and carefully while making a profit. Before you use our service, you should understand who we are and how our service will help you.

PriceAction Ltd team has been providing free Forex signals to their 300K+ community members every week. It helps new Forex traders to test our signals on demo accounts. And you can also use our free forex signals on real accounts to make profits as well. 


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Premium Forex Signals

Premium Forex Signals come with those premium features which eventually would make your trading life easier with every possible information.

Our team also has a VIP channel where 6,000+ clients are getting our premium signals from the very beginning. Here’s what our VIP clients are getting every month:

  • Highly accurate & profitable intraday and swing trade signals
  • Analysis breakdown of each signal
  • Small stop losses, big take profits
  • Constant live guidance on running trades


Join our existing 10,000+ members from all over the World who have been profiting from our VIP Forex Signals and become professional traders.

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5-8 Top Quality Signals​

Our premium client gets 5-8 top quality signals in real-time via Telegram. We give key details of every trade we take including entry price, stop loss and take profit etc. so that, so you can follow exactly what we are doing.


80% Success Rate

Our expert traders team rigorously analyzes the Forex market 24/7 searching for the best trading opportunities and provide accurate & easy to follow signals.


Telegram Live alerts

Whenever a trade is entered on our account, you will automatically receive a notification on Telegram with all the key details; entry price, stop loss and take profit etc. We also have a series of videos explaining exactly how our Forex signals work and what you need to do to follow them.


Intraday & Swing Trades​+

Our expert traders team rigorously analyzes the Forex market 24/7 searching for the best trading opportunities and provide accurate & easy to follow signals.​


Hundreds of Pips Every Week

Our expert traders team rigorously analyzes the Forex market 24/7 searching for the best trading opportunities and provide accurate & easy to follow signals.


24/7 Support

You can contact us at any time of the day. Our support agents will get back to you in the shortest period of time. You can message us any time of the day with any of your queries and our support agents will always be there to help.

Sample Winning Trades

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Our Powerful Trading Strategies

Join our existing 10,000+ members from all over the World who have been profiting from our VIP Forex Signals and become professional traders.

institutional Move

Institutional Move

Sometimes the big traders make their moves to grab the liquidity. The moves are introduced as institutional moves. This move happens on any equal low area where most of the traders put their stop loss.



Banks/hedge funds are the most liquidity provider in the forex market, and they always use this term to move the price. Liquidity is defined as where most traders/retail traders give stop loss. It can be above the zone or below the zone. Their Stop loss is liquidity for the banks/hedge funds. Banks/hedge funds move the price to grab this liquidity.

Market Structure

Market Structure

When banks/hedge funds/institutions move the price, they always create a structure. In a bullish trend, they will continuously create a higher high and higher low. And in a bearish trend, they will continuously create lower highs and lower lows. These characteristics are called market structure.

Check Out the Reviews Our Members Are Saying

James Ben
James Ben
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" I’ve been using their Forex signals for a few months and so far I’m happy with it. There were few losses, but I stayed profitable at the month end. And I like their customer support, there is always someone to talk to and their support agents have technical knowledge of trading. They also share a lot of educational material, which is a big plus. If I have to say one con about them is that they do too much marketing, no matter where I go I see their ads, its like they are stalking me digitally lol "
Aaron Quinn
Aaron Quinn
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" You got to know how to manage your risk properly, otherwise you can't win in trading. I don't know about others, but priceaction do provide good signals. They give TP & SL with every trade. The support responds quickly. Their weekly pips gain 600-700, though they claim 1000 pips weekly. But still good enough. Recently they've introduced signal copier which works great. Best investment so far. "
Freedie Clark
Freedie Clark
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" I want to appreciate pafx team for the fact that they are always there for clients. I tried other channels so far this is the best in terms of your availability when their clients are in need or confused. I'm happy to be a part of pafx. "
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" I'm in profit just after two weeks. It's true that you can't win trades all time. You'll win some, you'll lose some. And pafx team always stays transparent about results, they do not hide anything. Before trading, always think about your risk, otherwise you'll lose. Do not gamble with your money. Really happy to be a part of a service who are best at their work. "

Choose The Best Forex Signal Provider

The best forex signal provider can improve your forex trading significantly. They will help you in learning about profitable and unprofitable actions, as well as enhancing your overall forex earnings. Finding the right forex signal provider can be difficult, especially with so many unverified, unreliable services available on the internet.

Priceactionltd provides in-depth, knowledge-based Forex services to assist you in making better trading selections. Since these platforms offer a variety of services at different pricing, deciding which one is best for you may come down to your budget and total forex activities.

Choose Best Forex Signal Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Forex signal is the indication of the forex market. In simple terms, it is an alert that informs a trader when to buy or sell. Forex signals are useful mostly for the newbie and busy traders. However, there is also a chance for experienced and professional traders to extend the scope of their profitability using forex signals.

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There are two kinds of forex signals.

Automated forex signals

Automated forex signals are created by Professional analysts or traders with the help of code developers. They analyze the recent & historical background of the market and use the data to create an algorithm of how the market is going to move next. However, Automated signals contain several mathematical formulas to find the pattern and send forex signals when it finds a match with the parameters of their programmed algorithm.

Manual forex signals

Manual forex signals are created by professional analysts and traders who do the fundamental analysis and use technical indicators to locate the probable trade recommendations. Unlike automated forex signals, manual forex signals contain the fundamental study of the market, such as recent or current news, political or economical unrest. These are called fundamental indicators and they have a huge influence and impact on the market.

Regardless of being a professional or a beginner, everyone trading in Forex wants to make money. Forex Signals are the most popular tools in the market which help traders to make a profit by narrowing the losses.

Forex signals and trader

Forex signals are a wonderful option for someone who is just getting started in the market since they seek profit and not to lose money in the very first place. While Forex signals might help you make a profit, they will never be a replacement for appropriate forex trading expertise and education. A trader who combines adequate trading expertise with the use of trading signals has very little chance of losing money in forex trading.

Forex Signals are mostly provided by a team of analysts who analyzes all the data in the forex market and sets the signal values accordingly.

Yes, Forex signals membership is worth it. If you’re struggling to make a profit or if you’re a beginner who is highly interested in hassle-free trading experience and doesn’t want to think much about the ins and outs of the trading market, forex trading signals are a great solution for you.

Forex Signals membership

Forex signals are relatively much cheaper than your earning using the service, especially with PriceAction Ltd. PriceAction limited offers forex signals in different packages and according to your need. We have seen people who hardly could maintain the mammoth charges of near $100 a month, mostly the new traders can’t bear such a good amount. So realizing their difficulties in trading, we are providing the same $100 service, but just for $40. Even this rate gets cheaper if anyone takes a package for 3, 6, or 12 months.

There are thousands of traders who got benefitted from the forex signal services. You can easily join our Free Forex Signal channel and boost your earning without spending money on a paid subscription, although paid subscription packages are great value for money.

We provide two types of forex signal services: a free service and a paid membership plan.

PriceAction Ltd. is operating its trading services for the last 17 years. The company has its own panel of expert trade analysts who are experienced in the field for the last 6 years along with the automated latest technological data analysis support. The analysts continuously keep assessing the market data to evaluate the close possible accuracy of the signals. Apart from all the technical parts, our team of experts has an eye for the fundamental factors of the market. 

priceactionltd forex signals provider

At the very beginning, we encourage our members to use our free forex signals from our telegram channel, which comes almost the same way as our paid subscription package. Our VIP Channel( paid subscription package) has the extra features of frequent forex signals with in-depth analysis and trade suggestions like approximate entry/exit, SL(Stop-Loss)/TP(Take Profit), supporting graph with analysis, trading history showing the number of pips profit/loss per month and/or the risk/reward ratio and actual trades. Besides, our VIP Members gets 24/7 customer support. According to them, PriceAction ltd. is the best forex signals provider.

Here is how our services work:


Our forex signal provides an in-depth analysis of the algorithmic results. In simpler terms, our forex trading signals are content full of information, data, and probable remarks that you’ll need to trade.

Entry Price

Our programmed algorithm is continuously figuring out the most effective entry point for the trade and as you know, a decent entry point is the first step toward a profitable transaction.

Stop-Loss Price

PriceAction Ltd’s forex signal comes with the most accurate Stop-Loss margin. If the signal's projection does not come true, the stop-loss price is the price at which the trade will be immediately closed.
This eventually ensures the trader to minimize the chances of losses. After all, the automatic signal won’t be perfect every time.

Take-Profit price

The Take-Profit price is when a particular profit point is reached, the signal tells you what price the deal should be stopped at. This process is totally reverse to the Stop-Loss price.

Learn more about What is SL and TP in Forex Trading

Yes, the answer is 100% legit. PriceAction Ltd. is one of the oldest and most popular signal service providers in the forex market. Besides, PriceAction Ltd. not only works in the forex market but also in the indices and commodities, Algo.

priceactionltd rating

As you probably know from the section above that PriceAction Ltd. is successfully operating its trading services for the last 17 years in the market. PriceAction Ltd. has different services including the most popular signals service, indices and commodities, algo and scalping. We are serving 3,04,480+ clients for free and 6,190+ clients are connected with our VIP Channel which is the paid subscription package.

"Watch, follow, and profit together" is the motto of Action Forex Ltd. We guarantee unrivaled precision as well as consistently high profits from low-risk investments. Our expert trade team is consistently working to improve the signal accuracy, which is currently 87%. We always look for opportunities or suggestions to make our services better. We are still growing better and bigger with you. 

As you might already know that PriceAction Ltd. offers a premium subscription package, but nevertheless we also provide a number of free signals on our Telegram Channel. Our free signals are remarked as the best free forex signals by our clients, and these Free signals are helpful for both the new traders and the traders who are struggling in the market.

Forex signals analysis

There are also trust issues in the market because of some bluffer who claims huge returns. Those signal providers in the market would promise you to make a huge return but our expertise and experience would suggest you not fall onto such promises of making a huge return. They, who have claimed are seen to be failed later on and the traders only realize it after paying them.

PriceAction Ltd allows its free members to take advantage of the 2 to 3 free signals every week. We encourage our members to judge our services after trying the free forex signals they get. Check our free forex signals performance.

The amount of risking capital depends on the size of your account, but don't risk more than 2% of your account on a single trade. To put it another way, never lose more than 2% of your trading account on a single deal.

Forex risk management image

Risk management is an integrated part of taking preparation before start trading. Forex risk management allows you to put in place a system of rules and controls to ensure that any unfavorable consequences of a forex deal are contained. Because it's best to have a risk management plan in place before you start trading, a good approach necessitates thorough preparation from the start.

A small percentage of your whole money should be risked per deal. A reasonable beginning percentage, maybe 2% of your whole trading capital. For better understanding, let’s do quick math on it. Assume that you have $1000 in your account, and you are taking a risk of 2%. So you are taking a risk of $20 per trade. This apparently means that to smash your account balance you’ll have to go wrong 50 times in a row, and it’s almost unlikely to happen.



With our 30-day money-back trial, there is nothing from stopping you joining the world’s best forex signals group.