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Smart Money Strategy

Smart Money Strategy enables you to learn where the retail traders are being manipulated, and where smart money (banks, hedge funds etc) are entering/ exiting.


Seasonality Theory helps you understand how every year currencies follow a trend of market which is very similar to past years of data.

Market Structure

Market structure is the “Holy Grail” of technical analysis. If you understand how to read market structure, you can trade on any market.

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The Wyckoff Method

Learn the easiest yet most accurate trading strategy - The Wyckoff Method which allows you trade any market efficiently.

Secret About Time

Understand which time is important to trade, how manipulation occurs and how you can maximize your profit from trading.

Mental Game of Trading

The expectation of making (or losing) money causes stressful situations. You can learn how to make decisions based on facts rather than feelings.

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Dodge Market Manipulation

Our guide helps you learn how big players manipulate the market to make you lose your profits deliberately and how you can win against it.


Learn Powerful & Proven Strategies

Get an in-depth insight on the market how price followed the same pattern over 20 years and will continue to do so.


Unlock Profitable Trading Strategies

Learn to identify important price levels and trade with banks to make huge profits.


Master Mind Game in Trading

Identify how emotions stops you becoming successful in Forex and how to resolve it.


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