GER30 Altered to GER40. What’s the Reason?

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Since the establishment of the Deutscher Aktien Index, or German Stock Market Index, on July 1, 1988, it has had 30 large-scale companies under the name of GER30. For the last 33 years, these companies have operated index trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. GER30 is one of the biggest markets for index traders worldwide.

However, in mid-September, the DAX operator decided to expand their list of giant companies to 40 under the index. The motive of the expansion is to increase the country’s economy by market capitalization.

Why did GER30 become GER40?

  • To reduce the concentration risk
  • Increase the market capitalization
  • Reduce the variance
  • Gain more attention from international investors
  • To generate a far-reaching representation of the German economy,
  • Higher number of securities is expected to provide larger liquidity to the index market.
  • And finally, to ensure greater stability.

Who are the new GER40 leaders?

  1. Airbus SE
  2. Brenntag SE
  3. HelloFresh SE
  4. Porsche Automobil Holdings, Inc.
  5. Puma SE
  6. Qiagen N.V.
  7. Siemens Healthcare AG
  8. Symrise AG
  9. Sartorius AG Vz.
  10. Zalando SE

Nevertheless, some brokers haven’t changed the symbol from GER30 to GER40 yet. For example, OANDA, EightCap, and GlobalPrime brokers are still using the name “GER30”. But you can trade every offered indices including the new 10 companies whether it’s GER30 or GER40.

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