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"Signal Provider With 4 Years Of History
in Telegram Trades Like The Banks And Sends *Sniper-Entry-Zero-Drawdown* Profitable Alerts Every Single Day"

So That Any Trader with *ANY* experience or account balance can simply copy their trades and make gigantic profits (in as little as 30 days) WITHOUT doing *ANY* analysis.."

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So, How Do You Profit From Signals ‘Consistently’

(AKA Your 'Dream Trading Profits')

Without Any Unnecessary Losses, Anxiety, Or Stress?

Let me know if this happened to you…

You know the basics of placing trades on MT4 and you got to know about signal services..

It’s exciting because it’s a real chance to make money from trading using someone else’s expertise..

You join a Free Signal Channel..
You like how their weekly results are positive every week..
They showcase their profitable trades..

You think this signal channel can finally end your streak of continuous losses from the market over time..

You join their VIP channel with a lot of hopes and dreams…

And then you slowly find out the
VIP channel is not WORTH IT, you feel cheated and disturbed..

Maybe they used to manipulate their weekly results
Maybe they did not count pips properly..

Maybe their SLs are way too big for your liking..

Maybe you were missing a lot of the winning trades because of
your job, study, other responsibilities or heck; because of your geographical location..

It is possible that you faced other problems too..

Like their trade updates are not clear..

They are not guiding when to risk more when to risk less…

Worst of all, You cannot get hold of anyone to talk to about these matters… Their support is terrible..

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Or Does your story sound a bit different?

Maybe you have not used any signal service before..
You have recently discovered signal channels..

You have some idea how things work here..
But you’re still skeptical if it is something you should look at seriously..

It either seems like the best thing in the world to you or it’s just too good to be true…

Let us clear this out right now. There are tons of signal channels.. 99.99% of those are, in a word, you guessed it, ‘scammers’..

NOW, you are left thinking…

"If I Can't Do Advanced Analysis And Don’t Have Years Of Experience In The Market

Do I Even Have A Chance To Make Money Trading?"

Hi, We are PriceAction Forex Ltd and We are probably the ONLY Signal Channel with 4 years of Signal Providing History…I don’t think there is any other team on this planet which is as obsessed with ‘signal providing perfection’ as much as we are…

Most of our team members started trading years ago..it was 2014 when we first formed a team and started developing our advanced strategies, discipline, emotional habits and psychological aspects of trading..

We have been through thick and thin together.. Spent countless hours in front of charts, enduring all the pain, stress, depression and anxiety associated with trading…

Seven Years and Thousands of Trades Later…

Since day one, we have been thinking..
“How can we make this the absolute BEST source for signals from experienced traders’?”

We went through a lot.. and slowly we started discovering…
Profiting with Signals is not only about the trades themselves..
There are a lot of other factors associated with it..

We discovered that some traders like swing trades, some like intraday or scalps..
Some like to trade other assets like US30, NASDAQ etc..

Some like to be a bit aggressive with their risk management..
Some heavily rely on the ‘pips gain’ because
the more pips the better..as their account is small…

Some may want trades with high Risk to Reward Ratio..

We analyzed and acknowledged all these over the years..It was not easy..
There were literally nights we spent in our offices working all night for the service..
Customers Worldwide
Countries where PAFX serves
members inside all our communities!

And we made it our life’s mission to make every single one of our clients profit.. 

Here’s How..

"There are tons of other Signal Channels...What Makes Us Think That PriceAction Forex Ltd Is The Best Option For You? Here Are A Few Of The GroundBreaking Unfair Advantages You Will Have With PAFX

Following signals doesn’t have to be this hard..

You should be able to consistently profit..
While saving time, effort and money..You can be off to a vacation, spending time with friends or loved ones..

Or pursue some other dream of yours while the signals make you money..Without hassle..Passively..

Advantage #1 – Unmatched Trading Strategy : Have you ever heard this saying that 95% of the traders lose money? You know why?

Because everyone trades the same way..With their supports, resistances, trend lines, triangles patterns, moving averages, MACD, RSI, Ichimoku indicators and what not..

If all these concepts actually worked, then every trader would have been profitable.

We realized that if we want to profit consistently from the market, we need to trade like the 5%, which are the banks..

We discovered how the banks actually manipulate prices to trap retail traders like you and I..

We just wait for the manipulation and follow the same direction with the banks…

As a result, we have a high win ratio, consistent profitability for years.

Advantage #2 – Advance Signal Following Tools: You have the option to get some trading tools like One Click Trade Manager [FREE], Signal Copier etc when you join our VIP channel.

With the Signal copier, you will never miss a signal again..Every trade will automatically be copied from your Telegram to MT4 account..

The trades will even be managed automatically..This means you do not even have to lift a finger to follow our signals..

Think of the time you will save..You could be on a vacation, with friends and family, or at work or at class, at a concert or a prayer…

You could even be asleep..While the signal copier does everything for you..hands off..

Advantage #3 – Complete Trade Projections and Recaps: Not only will you get the signals, you will also be provided with analysis and detailed reviews of each and every signal..

This will help you understand what we saw before taking the trade and how we managed the trade..

Advantage #4 – Massive Risk to Reward : We trade like the banks. If you follow us, you will also be in the direction of the banks..

And following this will give you trades with HUGE risk to reward ratios every single week.

.For example you might be making 60 pips from a signal where the SL was 10 pips..That’s a 1:6 Risk to Reward Ratio..

This means if you took 2% risk on this trade, you would end up profiting 12% of your account balance from this one single trade..

This is the power of High Risk To Reward Ratio Trades..Now imagine…

“What Would Happen To Your Trading Account If You Had That Many Profitable Trades With Huge Risk To Reward Ratio Each Month!?!”
Advantage #5 – Transparency : If you do not already know this, 99.99% of the results posted by majority signal providers are either manipulated or vague..

Let’s see an example..

You get a signal..It goes to 30 pips profit..Signal provider tells you too close half of the trade.. Then the trade goes to 100 pips profit, the provider messages to close to full position.

So in reality your gain is

1. Half of 30 pips = 15 pips
2. Half of 100 pips = 50 pips..

That means you ‘actually’ get 15+50 = 65 pips net total from the trade..

But when counting weekly results, most signal providers will count this a ‘100’ pip trade, whereas in reality it was a net 65 pip trade..

You get how they are manipulating the result?? Some even outright post completely fake results just to scam people..

Then there are some other services which have 120 pips SL with 20 Pips TP1 for each trade…

These results are also unrealistic and vague..It is IMPOSSIBLE to make money following these approaches..

This is where you will see a completely different approach from us.
We completely own our losses and measure pip gains honestly, so that you get a proper picture of how we are actually performing…
Advantage #6 – History of Profitability : Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you are easily impressed with 1 week of history, you will suffer.. If you do not want to suffer, you should definitely make sure that there is a longer history of profitability..
Trading History

Advantage #7 – Pre-notification (IMPORTANT) : Have you ever seen a big move happening in the market, you immediately enter from fear of missing out, only to end up losing on the trade?

Now think, what caused it. The answer is that you were LATE to the party, only if you could enter BEFORE that big move started, you could have made a killing!

This is why we figured out WHEN these big moves happen..

The solution is that you get a warning/alert message first, so that you are ready with your phone, as soon as we send the signal, you jump into the trade and catch the big move, BEFORE IT STARTS!!

Pre Notification

Advantage #8 – Unmatched Customer Support: You might be thinking that everyone claims to provide 24/7 support..

Well, PAFX actually provides 24/7 round the clock support no matter when you contact us.

Advantage #9 – No Account Balance Barrier : You might have a small trading balance..We get it..

But that should not stop you from growing your account..

What you will experience is trades with high pips gain + high risk to reward ratios..
It works for everyone..

If you have a small account, you can use the smallest lot sizes and still gain from the ‘pip gains’..

If you have a bigger account, you can gain massively from the high risk to reward ratio trades..


Advantage #10 – No Fear Of Blowing Account: Trading comes with the risk of losing tons of money..Potentially all your money..

At the same time it can be just as rewarding too..

Now, in order to be safe from losing all your money, all you need to do is just take the lot sizes we suggest..

Literally nothing else..

Because our trades ALWAYS have Stop Losses, and usually the stop losses are kept within 10-30 pips..So you are never in danger of blowing your account..

Advantage #11 – Sniper Entries & Zero Drawdown : A sniper entry is when price moves according to your direction as soon as you enter a trade, meaning little to no drawdown..

I’m sure you can feel how stressful drawdowns can be, every trader hates drawdowns..It’s stressing, depressing and painful..

You do not ever have to be in any significant drawdown, because this is what we specialize in, sniper entries..

Traders Of Every Kind You Can Think Of

No matter what your trading style is, what kind of trading you like..
We have a separate team for that particular type of you…

We literally have a separate team which has only and only been trading indices and commodities for years..

No matter which kind of trading you like..We can help you reach the top level…


Are you a trader who has been exploring trading for a while now, but still have not achieved the success you desired from trading?

Want to consistently get winning trades every week, every month and grow your trading account to thousands of dollars?
Are you someone who is always worried because of the lack of experience and expertise? 

Want to  avoid the super hectic process of watching all the nitty-gritty details of the market? Want to save time and directly get the profits?
Do you hate losing money and going into big drawdowns?

Want to start having ‘Consistent’ mouthwatering profitability from now on, forever?
Have you ever blown your account?

Want to get rid of this pain of losing all your money every time? Want to experience what it feels like to be a winning trader?
Do you hate missing big moves in the market? Do you love how fast price moves 100s of pips during NFPs, FOMCs?

Want to be in the right direction of these BIG NEWS moves BEFORE the news release?
Have you ever hated yourself for closing winners early and holding on to losers?

Want a guide to ‘precisely’ tell you when to do what so that you can avoid this pain?
Have you ever suffered from stress, anxiety and depression from trading? Have you ever messed up your physical health trying to sit in front of charts, MT4 etc all day?

Want to have a relaxing and happy trading experience where all your work is done by a very experienced profitable team?
Have your loved ones ever doubted your efforts of making money from trading?

Want to prove your friends and family wrong? Want to show them that it’s really possible to live the life of their dreams with trading?
Have you ever seen all the instagram posts from people with their profitable trades, sniper entries, big gains and wondered if you could ever reach that level?

Want to reach the top 5% trader’s level effortlessly?

Are you tired of all the fake promises from fake gurus and ‘experts’ of the FX industry?
Do you want to actually trade like the banks?

Do you want to MAKE MONEY from trading?!

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you should try PriceAction Forex Ltd Signals..

You need consistent profitability, we got you..
You need a high win rate, we got you..
You need pips gain month over month, we got you..
You need hassle-free relaxed trading, we got you..
You need analysis of winning trades, we got you..

Anything and everything you need, you will have..That’s a promise.. And we want to underpromise and overdeliver….

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"How To Manage Your Trades With One Click!!"

Total Value: $119.00

Trade Manager LaptopBox

Has this ever occurred to you?


Taking partials, Moving SL to entry, Closing half, Putting Limit Orders..You can do all these things in one click using our Trade Manager in MT4. 

When you get your subscription to PriceAction Forex VIP, we are going to give you PAFX TRADE MANAGER with 16 most commonly used trade management features, that you can start using RIGHT NOW.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Subscription of PAFX VIP Today!!

Bonus #2 - Learn Forex With PAFX


Total Value: $87.00

Forex Book BLUE

Is this you?

You just found out that forex trading can make you some real money, but you have zero idea of what forex trading is.

You went to search everything on google, but the information is so scattered that you wish you had all the basic information organized at a single source?

We have prepared a super-easy book for beginners to learn all the basics from one place, i.e. from how to place a trade on MT4 to how to manage risk, everything is in this book.

“If You Are A Beginner, Who Wants To Get Started in Trading But Does Not Know How To Do What In The Platforms, We Got Your Back…

From, what forex trading is to executing every type of orders, choosing the best brokers, everything you need to know to begin your profitable trading journey, we have covered all of the basics in this book.

This will be the only book you will need to get started in trading.

Bonus #3 - The Ultimate Guide To Forex Trading


Total Value: $112.00

Forex Book GREEN

The next is a bonus from OUR VERY OWN TRADERS, who are in fact giving PROFITABLE SIGNALS on our VIP channel for the PAST 4 YEARS !


You are an advanced trader? Or, are you just getting to know the basic concepts of support, resistance, trendline, fibonacci & indicators? We have made a compilation of all the advanced topics that you will ever need to perform technical analysis on your desired charts!

Trading with trendlines, fibonacci, support resistance, MACD, Indicators only work when you follow PRICE ACTION PROPERLY.


BEWARE! THIS BOOK CAN MAKE YOU A REAL EXPERT. BUT IT WILL TAKE A LOT OF EFFORT. If you read it properly, you can jump in on any chart and you can have the idea of the odds in your favor or against you.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Subscription of PAFX VIP Today!!


"No Matter What The Time Is, PAFX Has It's Ears Open..!"

Total Value: $197.00


We have a team of excellent ‘VIP ONLY’ support agents who will listen to your queries and take action per your satisfaction, so that you never sleep disappointed. We are not here to just sell signals, we are here to LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS AND CONNECT.


Bonus #5 - Personal Growth & Trading Discipline Ebooks

"You Want To Be A Trader? You Need Knowledge, and lots of it..!"


Free Books

With subscribing to PAFX VIP, you will get to access our paid ebook giveaways for free, EVERY WEEK! Which will help you grow as a Disciplined Trader & Individual as a whole.

You need to know a lot of things to catch on to the context of anything while trading.

This bonus will

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Subscription of PAFX VIP Today!!

All Products

Let Us Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join ‘PriceAction Forex Ltd’ Today!

Offer ends in:

Multiple Profitable Signals Everyday                 ($297.00 Value)

Trade Recaps and Trade Projections                ($225.00 Value) 
Trade Manager Software                                      ($119.00 Value)
‘The Ultimate Guide To Forex Trading’ Ebook ($112.00 Value)
‘Learn Forex with PAFX’ Ebook                            ($87.00 Value)
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Weekly Paid Ebook Giveaways for Free           ($500.00+ Value)

Total Value: $1537.00

Offer ends in:

Multiple Profitable Signals Everyday($237.00 Value)
Trade Recaps and Trade Projections($225.00 Value) 
Trade Manager Software ($119.00 Value)
‘The Ultimate Guide To Forex Trading’ Ebook ($112.00 Value)
‘Learn Forex with PAFX’ Ebook($87.00 Value)
‘PAFX Trade’ VIP Only Support($197.00 Value)
Weekly Paid Ebook Giveaways for Free($500.00+ Value)

Total Value: $1537.00

INSTEAD, Get All The Value For These INSANE Prices..

12 1
6 1
3 1
1 1 1

What Are Others Already Saying About Their Experience With 'PriceAction Forex Ltd'?

(Authentic Testimonials From Real Customers..Unlike Others With Videos From Freelancers!!)

“Using $100 account, in a month I’ve managed to grow $400” – Nqaba Shezi


“They are not just some ordinary signal providers, They are a life changer” – Vlad Vladimir


“Joining PriceAction is one of the best decision I’ve ever made.” – Talha Razzaq


“When I joined price action, I gained 100%, which means I doubled my account just in three weeks!, Really amazing, really unbelievable” – Arbaaz Khan


“I’m very pleased with priceaction, I love scalp, indices, I love their strategy, I’m earning big money!, So highly recommend
– Fausto Alvear


As You Can See...

PAFX Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

If you want to immediately turn around your trading results and start earning an income from trading, PriceAction Forex Ltd Signals are probably your best bet..

It’s hard to make money from trading..

All the countless hours in front of charts..All the mental and physical pain..
All the sleepless nights…And for most of the cases, to end up as a losing trader after suffering all these..

The probability of you succeeding is already very low..
It’s lower when you try to get there alone..

BUT..With PAFX, it’s like Trading on Steroids.. You have our full support throughout your journey..

Back in your mind you know that we are profitable..Long term..

So all you need to do is trust the process and do what we do..

We spend our entire days and months perfecting the services just to make sure that each and every client profits..

PriceAction is for everyone...

There Is NO CATCH!

All this probably seems too good to be true…Trust us, it’s not..It’s not because we deliver what we promise and more..
We have been doing that for the last 4 years and intend to do it for many many more years..It has only gotten better with time…

Everything we do is extremely ‘YOU’ focused..We will do everything needed to make sure that ‘YOU’ are happy..
Our systems are proven..Our client satisfaction rate is terrific..Only because we value what ‘YOU’ need..

There are tons of ‘scammers’ in this space..Absolutely ripping off people who cannot afford to lose much money..Unspeakable monsters..

We promise, this isn’t one of them..We stay in business when our clients are satisfied..We NEED you to be satisfied..It’s only in our best interest to serve you properly..

Here Is Our Outrageous "You've Gotta Be Crazy" 100% Refund Offer

We’re saying this with 100% certainty that you will love our service..

But..Buckle up..We’ll take this one step further..Here’s the deal….

If you take all the trades with us in your account with our suggested risk management and in 90 days, if you’re not profitable, we will completely refund whatever you paid for our services..

Sound fair?

Success Stories

Callum Carson

"An amazing experience with PriceAction ltd and their faultless service"

Finding Priceaction ltd signal is probably my biggest achievement. Before trying them, It was a rough forex journey where I was losing money constantly rather than earning. It was tough to choose a forex signal as there are many providers. I was recommended to try Priceaction ltd signals by my friend who started trading in forex even years after me.

Initially, I tried their free signals in the telegram channel to make sure I’m not going in the wrong direction. The first week with them was 130 pips for me, not a bad performance from a free service. After trying their free channel, I gained 510 pips, and that was my motivation to take their paid subscription and boost my earnings. The signal accuracy is superb; no complaints at all as they kept my losses low.
I appreciate how you guys are pulling things off for us. I hope you’ll continue the good work. OP


"If you want to increase your profit, you must try PAFX Signals"

I’m very new in trading forex and had very little idea about trading. But I had to do it because there is nothing much I can do from a third-world country where living a good life is a dream for us. I started trading forex by learning the basics from google. But when I started trading in the real market, the result was not really as shown on google’s learning materials. I made a loss and this became a burden to me. I looked for the solutions and found PAFX forex signals. They send the market indication prior to the trade. The amazing thing is that they were free to join.

After joining thor free signal channel I was overwhelmed seeing the signals they sent but I didn’t rush to spend a large amount, instead I started with just 3 GBP and I made 35 GBP from that. The accuracy and consistency they are showing, I’m hopeful of making it 100 very soon. Team PAFX is great in business. Thank you guys.


"PAFX signal copier is the most credible and accurate signal copier, period"

I hardly get time to sit in front of the monitor and assess the charts to do my trading. As I am from a country where a person’s monthly income is less than $25, we can’t depend on a single source of income. So I have to use a signal copier for trading, but using signal copiers has been a nightmare for me as they all failed to be consistent with their accuracy. Understandably, it won’t be 100% accurate, but it should be within the relative differences.

After so many heartbreaks, God looked upon me while I found PAFX Signal Copier that changed my entire view on the signal copier. I was unfortunate not to know about them before trying many other scumbags. I no longer have to panic about the messages on my phone notifying me of the losses. PAFX copier maintains almost 90% accuracy, in my opinion.
Thanks so much to the PAFX team working behind. God bless you.


"With PriceAction Forex, you won’t be a loser anymore"

One and half years ago, Like many others, I wasn’t crossing the line to gain profit out of Forex. I was losing money, so I took a forex signal provider who came out as a scammer. I was broken, devastated, and became hopeless.

After several months, I learned about priceactionltd.com, a forex signal service with an 87 percent confirmed accuracy rate. Joined their free channel without expecting anything huge in return, with my sheer amount of surprise pulled 150+ pips from their free channel after a week. It took few more weeks to judge their consistency before I took their paid service. Everything went well, and their communication was great.

Now I’m gaining almost 1500+/- pips every month with their paid service. I’m thankful to the team priceactionltd.com for saving me from drowning in the darkness of consistent losses. You guys are the best.


"PAFX team is transparent and trustworthy"

Trading forex has been a lifesaver for me; to be exact it’s trading forex with PAFX signals. I know many of you might take it as an exaggeration but for me, that’s the truth. My family was totally dependent on my father’s single source income, and it was hard for me to see such turmoil in the family and not participate in earning for the family. So I was searching for something that would allow me to earn alongside my studies. I got to know about forex trading which has allowed me to take care of my family along with my study costs. But I was not making money constantly there and as I had no real experience over trading and all I was making losses. In a scenario like this, I was suggested to take a signal service to make a consistent profit. I searched for the best forex signal service on google and learned about PAFX, priceactionltd.com.

Before I joined them on their free signal channel in telegram, I justified their expertise and accuracy on different review platforms. The reviews were satisfactory to join their free signal channel. I gained 130 to 150 pips from their free channel and it was a splendid achievement without spending a penny for such a service. After the month I gained almost 600 pips and this was just beyond my expectation. I subscribed to their paid service and there they provide analysis for every trade with the relevant charts. I could actually learn trading from there besides the signal service. From the VIP channel, I gained almost 1500 pips each month. It’s obvious not to make a profit in every trade but keeping the losses low and the SL/TP to the lowest loss margin is kind of an achievement too. I love how they recover the losses with a big margin profit and that shows their dedication for the traders like me and you.

I just like to thank the PAFX team for their support and services in trading, I hope they’ll continue doing good work just like that. I’m obviously recommending PAFX.

Sajjad Zafar

"Price Action Ltd is the best signal provider ever"

As a student, I did not have many chances to earn money, support my family, and my tuition fees loans. Forex trading was something that I found convenient to satisfy them all. It all started well, I was managing things out, but when the study loads grasped all my attention, it was getting hard for me to focus on trading. The result was making losses constantly. So I was searching for a forex signal provider to save both my time and money. Then I found PAFX, the ultimate boss in the business.

My trading journey with PAFX signals began with their free channel; there were understandably not frequent signals, but I could make a good profit from there too. I felt taking their subscription to the VIP channel to enhance the trading performance, and it was just worth it. Their accuracy and consistency have boosted my earnings to new heights. Since I joined, I’m consistently gaining 1400+ pips every month, and now I’m thinking of subscribing to their PAFX+PAICC as well. This is a surreal experience with PAFX.

Now I don’t have to worry about the trades and focus more on my studies while the PAFX team takes good care of my trades. I’m thankful to the PAFX team for everything they did for me. You’re the best.
y trading journey with PAFX signals began with their free channel; there were understandably not frequent signals, but I could make a good profit from there too. I felt taking their subscription to the VIP channel to enhance the trading performance, and it was just worth it. Their accuracy and consistency have boosted my earnings to new heights. Since I joined, I’m consistently gaining 1400+ pips every month, and now I’m thinking of subscribing to their PAFX+PAICC as well. This is a surreal experience with PAFX.

Now I don’t have to worry about the trades and focus more on my studies while the PAFX team takes good care of my trades. I’m thankful to the PAFX team for everything they did for me. You’re the best.